OK: Food, Land, Future

Selected for the Green New Deal Superstudio curated projects

“The Green New Deal Superstudio is national conversation about how the framework of the Green New Deal can be translated into actual projects and where, as a matter of priority these projects should take place, what will they look like, who will they serve, and how will they roll out.”

Exhibited in Fall 2021 at Kingfish Gallery, Buffalo, NY 

A collaborative project with Leanne Nagata and Rachel Mulder

Oklahoma is a place of fields, faith, and football, built on a palimpsest of past and current failure, violence, and disaster. It is home to the forcibly removed, the end of the Trail of Tears, the Dust Bowl, and racial discrimination and terrorism, including the Tulsa Race Massacre. Here, there is continued systemic discrimination and racism in the agricultural sector, while Big Ag’s commodity monocrops are heavily subsidized at the cost of the environment, biodiversity, human health, and rural economies.

Where there is failure and funding, there is opportunity. Opportunity to face the violence in our shared past and confront their new forms by working to end continued harm and to restore, repay, redistribute that which is owed: reparations, Land Back.